The Value Emergency24 Brings To Their Partners

In our 56 years of operation, we always push ourselves to be the best monitoring service and company we can be, and ensure that we remain innovative and provide the best service for our dealers. We always keep an open mind to  ways to improve our operation by listening to our dealers and their needs. This leads us to being the most preferred monitoring company from independent alarms dealers for as long as we have been operating. We keep our promise to never compete with our customers.   

We Believe In Family First

One of the more important things we bring to our dealers is our family owned approach. In our industry, people come and go and eventually partnerships begin to fade as companies begin to see one another as a number. We here at Emergency24 take tremendous pride in being personable and relatable to our dealers. Anytime they have questions or need our help, they feel comfortable reaching out to us because we have and will continue to put our relationships at a premium. Over the years, we have fostered many tremendous and long-standing customer and employee relationships, and it has helped us as a company immensely.

We Push Forward With Everything We Do

Another value we bring to our dealers is our innovative approach to our services. In terms of our fire alarm monitoring, we continue to invest in faster dispatching and more comprehensive information sharing.  This ensures a nationwide team of monitors looking after life and property. It is very important that our dealers know that no matter where or who they are, we are there for them. Another way we remain innovative is how we incorporate the latest technology in our video surveillance. Having the quickest video verification solutions available has made our dealers comfortable not only with the product but as a means for them to monetize quickly, retain and add more accounts. In addition, our technology is scalable and can fit any and all pre-existing equipment. As we go, so do our dealers, and we want to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Always Providing A Swift Response

Our value is equated with how we respond to emergency situations. Communication to our central station is swift and immediate with alarm data sent to our proprietary UL Listed central station systems through all methods of communication. Alarm signals received at our redundant monitoring station are acknowledged by our operators through. The signals are then expeditiously handled by our dispatch operators with the building’s information to dispatch the fire department and contact the building’s access holders. All of this is done through our highly skilled and trained monitoring specialists, who go through extensive and rigorous testing. 

We believe our partnerships should go beyond just the services we provide. To us it is not enough to have the widest range of alarm capabilities, the latest technology, and immediate response times. To be the most preferred in our industry comes with dedication to the dealer’s needs and maintaining that family feel. 

As an Underwriters Laboratories-listed and FM Global-approved central station with redundancy, Emergency24 remains a leader among central stations since 1967. We are family owned with a rich history of innovation and an impressive list of industry firsts, we continue to keep our dealers and their subscribers first.

Email us or call (800) 800-3624 and we’ll help you get the specific solution you need to protect your assets and facility.

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