Expand Your Market & Save Lives with BluePoint Alert Solutions

As a security dealer, you understand the importance of offering comprehensive solutions that cater to a wide range of client needs. BluePoint Alert Solutions empowers you to do just that by providing a unified platform that addresses critical safety concerns across various markets. Here’s how BluePoint expands your market reach:

  • Education: School safety is a top priority. BluePoint’s Police Alert System offers a rapid emergency response solution specifically designed for educational institutions. The familiar pull stations and intuitive interface ensure a quick and effective response during active shooter situations. Additionally, the Medical Alert System provides immediate assistance for medical emergencies, safeguarding students, staff, and visitors.
  • Government Buildings: Government facilities require robust security measures. BluePoint’s Police Alert System ensures a swift response to security breaches, while the Medical Alert System guarantees prompt medical attention in emergencies. The system’s compliance with FEMA recommendations for Incident Command Structure and Multi-Hazard Communications further enhances safety and coordination.
  • Commercial Properties: Businesses of all sizes must prioritize employee and customer safety. BluePoint caters to this need by offering a versatile and dynamic solution. The Police Alert System provides a direct line to authorities during security threats, while the Medical Alert System ensures timely medical assistance. The system’s scalability allows for customization to fit the specific needs of each commercial space, be it a small retail store or a large manufacturing facility.
  • Corporate Offices: Promote a safe and secure work environment for your clients. BluePoint’s Medical Alert System offers immediate medical response for employees experiencing emergencies. Additionally, the Police Alert System can be integrated as needed to address specific security concerns.
  • Places of Worship: Provide peace of mind for your congregation. BluePoint’s Medical Alert System ensures rapid medical assistance in emergencies, while the Police Alert System offers a direct line to authorities in case of security threats. The familiar and intuitive interface ensures anyone can activate the system quickly and easily.
  • Medical Facilities: Hospitals and healthcare centers prioritize patient safety. BluePoint’s Medical Alert System can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure to enhance response times for internal medical emergencies. Additionally, the Police Alert System can be implemented to address security threats.

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The BluePoint Advantage

BluePoint doesn’t just expand your market reach – it empowers you to offer a superior security solution. Here’s what sets BluePoint apart:

  • Life-Safety Approach: BluePoint prioritizes life safety with features that replicate the reliability of fire alarms. This ensures every activation receives the critical attention it deserves.
  • All-in-One Communication: Eliminate the need for multiple systems. BluePoint integrates police alerts, medical alerts, and real-time communication into a single platform.
  • Customization and Scalability: BluePoint adapts to each client’s specific needs, regardless of size or layout.

By partnering with BluePoint Alert Solutions, you equip yourself to address the diverse security needs of a wider range of clients. Showcase BluePoint’s life-saving features, all-in-one functionality, and adaptability to attract new customers and solidify your position as a trusted security provider.

Tools and Resources for Success

Beyond the diverse market applications, BluePoint equips you, the security dealer, with valuable tools and resources to make selling and installing the system a breeze. Here’s how BluePoint empowers your success:

  • Simplified Installation and Integration: BluePoint boasts a user-friendly design that simplifies installation and integration with existing security systems. This translates to reduced installation time and cost, allowing you to complete projects faster and more efficiently.
  • Profitable Margins and Sales Incentives: BluePoint offers attractive profit margins for dealers. This ensures you reap the financial rewards of introducing this innovative security solution to your customer base.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Materials: Emergency24 provides a wealth of marketing materials to support your sales efforts. 
  • Dedicated Sales Support: Emergency24 doesn’t leave you hanging. They offer dedicated sales support to answer your questions, address customer concerns, and guide you through the sales process.

Building Lasting Partnerships

By partnering with BluePoint, you gain access to not just a product, but a comprehensive support system designed for your success. This translates to:

  • Increased Sales and Recurring Revenue: Attract new customers with BluePoint’s unique features and secure recurring revenue through monitoring contracts and ongoing service packages.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: BluePoint empowers your clients with a proactive approach to safety, leading to higher customer satisfaction and long-term relationships.
  • Industry Recognition: Become a leader in the security industry by offering cutting-edge solutions that demonstrably save lives and protect property.

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Ready to expand your market reach and offer a superior security solution? Contact Emergency24 today to learn more about BluePoint Alert Solutions and explore how becoming a BluePoint dealer can empower your business. Take advantage of this opportunity to revolutionize security for your clients and elevate your business to new heights. 

At Emergency24, we realize that dealers and integrators have many monitoring centers from which to choose. We honor that by doing all we can to win your trust and going above and beyond to keep it. Call 1-800-800-3624 to Become a Dealer or learn more about our expansive monitoring solutions.

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